Rebuilding Lives Workshop, Inc.

Helping you thrive (and not just survive).

Our Programs

We have exciting new programs to fit your needs.. None of our programs are built in silos, you can work them alone or together. Our programs are built so that you can live your purpose. Most importantly, you don't have to figure out everything before you move forward in your life. Star living your life on purpose today — with your baggage and all!

Therapeutic Program

We take the stigma out of therapy. You need to take care of your mind just like you do any part of your body. We offer individual, couple and family counseling. We also offer adolescent counseling, anger management, premarital counseling and counseling for disorders such as anxiety. Our therapeutic services are available in the following formats:

  • Private counseling sessions 
  • Group sessions

Empowerment Program

While our therapeutic program help you deal with your internal self and past, our empowerment program is all about the now and the future. We will help you turn your big goals into small, achievable steps. 

  • Our workshops allow you to define your purpose, goals, and values with other like-minded people in the community.
  • Our accountability partner will help you turn your goals to actionable steps and hold you to them.

Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Programs is coming soon! This programs will give you opportunity to gain the skills and a chance to better your income-earning potential with local employers.